Teacher Review

Showed the following files to Sean, Todd, and Yoshiko and received the following feedback: Animatic video and Animation Test video EVERYONE Final_Script 0_Deliverables 1_Career List Feedback: producers can be young, can also FIND the money, and are most powerful because they decide who is doing what change screenwriter desk to be like casting director desk get voiceover NOW rework the elbow joint animation to look better … Continue reading Teacher Review

Round Robin Crit and Feedback

Script3 1st AD actor best boy director_asset screenwriter Also featured test animation that showed screenwriter and director, as well as logo reveal for the end. Received 10 auditions for voice over from CCM Juniors and Seniors who are going into field. They gave a normal accent version and an RP accent (British) for my 10 second snippet of script. I narrowed down to 4 for … Continue reading Round Robin Crit and Feedback