Teacher Review

Showed the following files to Sean, Todd, and Yoshiko and received the following feedback:

Animatic video and Animation Test video




1_Career List


  • producers can be young, can also FIND the money, and are most powerful because they decide who is doing what
  • change screenwriter desk to be like casting director desk
  • get voiceover NOW
  • rework the elbow joint animation to look better
  • pop bubbles – have em explode out and be more fun
  • more animation principles in the logo reveal animation
  • the director’s chair isn’t right if i’m doing a flat straight-on animation
  • get a tight foreground/background. right now the framing in the test animation isn’t right

Also created these two posters for Matt’s class and received the following round robin student feedback:

Poster Option1

Poster Option2


  • logo looks like time warner cable logo
  • H3 under icons is too small
  • bracelet on make-up artist blends in with background – change color
  • emphasis on “high school” – highlight that text somehow
  • make the icons in the blank circles (obviously)
  • “Informative blog” instead of “creative professionals” or whatever I have
  • hanging punctuation on justified text
  • Option 1 is more visually engaging
  • Don’t repeat ppl from top section into the middle section
  • justified text needs kerned – have squished lines
  • maybe centered text instead of justified
  • use option 2 header style of text living with ppl and no green bar
  • increase hierarchy of title
  • punctuation on middle section
  • logo bigger??? maybe not
  • scale down characters and more evenly space like opt 2
  • add lipstick or something to make-up artist – have him hold brushes with other hand
  • H1 Subtitle is a little too small
  • Don’t break the top edge of the middle green field? Do break it?
  • Audience gets lost in mid-to-bottom
  • make icon words one line? more like opt 2?
  • maybe add the creative group to the middle of opt 2 and roll with that?
  • Dim down opacity of biz ppl on opt 2 to help creative guy stand out?

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