Round Robin Crit and Feedback


1st AD


best boy



Also featured test animation that showed screenwriter and director, as well as logo reveal for the end.

Received 10 auditions for voice over from CCM Juniors and Seniors who are going into field. They gave a normal accent version and an RP accent (British) for my 10 second snippet of script. I narrowed down to 4 for “callback” andĀ eliminated the British accent idea.

Feedback from Round Robin:

  • Next step: animatic with me reading to get an idea for timing and pauses, then try to paraphrase things.
  • Keytar for composer?
  • Cut down script way more
  • Instead of following timeline, follow people who have things pop up around them that they work with or do. Maybe find happy medium between the two.
  • Tux for actor?
  • Show duties list next to person?
  • Bubble text: instead of random jokes, make about their personality, like what a person in that role likes to do, like attributes.
  • Logo too much like Time Warner Cable? Do I care?
  • Eye blink on logo reveal?
  • Make the script in the vid a 3D layer to lay flat on desk – weird anim right now
  • Show website url under logo reveal and don’t show screens at all.
  • Say or show something, but don’t do both
  • Follow progression of script all the way to actors and movie? – make it more evident I’m following that through the animation
  • Magic puff or arbitrary ways to show VFX artist, colorist, foley. Not on computer screen but stuff around them, featured on-screen
  • Actor hair to Trump-y?
  • Annotations pop up to go to career page when that guy comes on screen?




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