Critique Notes

  • organizing such a huge amounts of info. There are so many different careers
  • separate category videos. It might be too broad to give example careers, without maintaining it, As trying to help with the career choice is a large topic to even mention

  • range of different careers under the”Creative” blanket is a bit broad. In the film industry alone, there are dozens of specific roles onset. How do you define creativity? Or measure proclivity?

  • create mockups of a couple important screens to present

  • How do you deliver this video? Possibly make it into a DVD kit given to high school counselor’s. These counselors could have a program list for a small afterschool course.

  • Maybe incorporate some VO from professionals?

  • Will the video and website being the same style? I think there should be some kind of connection. Just make sure it’s not too simple so high school kids are interested. Make creative careers seem awesome! Even just broadcasting a creative career in general to get them interested.

  • Creative people tend to be visual learners, look into tapping into that. Maybe look into pushing photoshop and illustrator early.

  • giving students actual steps to take action.

  • Maybe consider older audiences, but I think for the sake of this project it makes sense to keep it young/narrowed.

  • on the website is great. The video module sounds very interesting.

  • Video style good. Will be easy to transfer into a website style.

  • maybe add technical tutorials or interactive charts
  • expand audience to transfer college students?

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