Initial Problem Statement:

Working Title (and subtitle)

  • “What is the Film Industry?”
  • “Your Role in the Film Industry”
  • “The Film Industry: Your Future Career”
  • “Careers in Film: An Introduction”

Problem Statement: The “elevator pitch” — one or two sentences providing an overview of the project.

There isn’t enough information accessible for students in high school to help them decide what creative career they want to pursue. My capstone provides easy-to-understand videos that describe each industry (industrial design, film, communication design, etc.) and the roles involved.

Overview: 100 – 300 words describing the current situation.

In high schools today, not enough information is provided to students about the creative fields. They are given a plethora of teaching about the core classes, but even if they elect to take an art class, it is only a traditional curriculum. If the student decides to pursue a higher education, he/she has only seen commercials about technical schools and does not realize what options they have. They may want to get into the film industry for example, but do not know what any of the roles are, displayed in the credits of a movie. My capstone will provide a video series with an introduction video, showing the timeline of the movie making process, and then there will be videos for each role that pair with it. They will also give information about what type of schooling is necessary for each career and contact information for the top schools.

Outcomes: 50 – 100 words describing desired results of the project.

I would like for students in high school to get a grasp of what opportunities they have and obtain the knowledge of how to pursue their career once they know what exists. They will be able to learn the history of film, and every step in the process, as well as each role in the process, and then make a decision on what role they would like. Next, they will find out what type of schooling is needed and what the top schools are, to inform their decision.

Intervention: 50 – 100 words about possible deliverables and the constraints surrounding deliverables.

An overview introduction video of the film industry module, a secondary video about roles and the timeline, a list of other videos like more about the main roles, other industries modules in the creative field, and added links to top creative colleges to contact for schooling. The video would have to be about 5 minutes long, and a mock-up of the others would exist, but only one video could be created.

Known Unknowns: Questions you know to ask. (Bullet points are fine.)

  • What are the roles?
  • What is the timeline?
  • What is the schooling necessary?
  • What should the final form be? Vimeo? Youtube?
  • What do high schools currently teach?

Sources: Where did the information come from that informed the above?



Pre-Production Timeline:

Post-Production Timeline:

Avengers MCU Timeline:

Money-making list:

The Dark Knight – distinctions between production co, etc.:


30 most expensive movies ever made:

Why movie cost so much:

Overview of film budget:

True Cost of filmmaking in 21at Century:


Animation Pipeline:

Film Production Checklist:

Avengers Timeline:

The Dark Knight Timeline:

Star Wars Timeline:


How they made Boyhood:

How Wes Craven does it:

Who’s who on a movie Crew:

Roles in movie making:

Credits Roles:

Tech Innovations that changes the film industry:

Key moments in history and evolution of film:

History of animation in film and tv:

Potential Sources: Where will additional information come

The movie, “Side by Side,” directed by Chris Kenneally, and the series, “The Story of Film, An Odyssey,” directed by Mark Cousins

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